Activity Level


Never paddled before, but is in decent shape and has no chronic back, arm or wrist injures.


Done a few day trips canoeing/kayaking in calm waters. Received basic paddling instructions and can paddle 2- 3 hours without getting out of the canoe/kayak.


Has done multi-day group paddling trips and can perform basic paddling strokes. Has received rescue instruction, i.e what to do in case of capsize. Can paddle a maximum 4 – 5 hours a day without difficulty.


Has done weeklong group paddling trips. Can master paddling strokes, (including sculling, wind ferrying and bracing). Knows how to read currents and waves on a river and paddle efficiently accordingly. Can perform a role a kayak upport after capsize and can help support others in case of capsize. Can paddle 6 – 7 hours a day , if necessary for several days in a row. Some cold-water paddling experience.


RiverSport Adventures knows the meaning of an authentic expedition. These specialized, carefully outfitted journeys offer the most intense adventure experience available. They are physically and psychologically demanding trips that require mental toughness, a positive orientation toward life, and a willingness to participate as a team member. These expeditions take place in isolated, stunningly beautiful places where safety demands must be strict. But the rewards are profound: memories shared by few others on earth, friends for life, and a sense of achievement that overrides the tedium of daily life.

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