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Train From Churchill -OUT!

This past spring the overnight train from Churchill to Thompson Manitoba was cancelled after server flooding damaged several sections of the track. Even though the Canadian government and rail owners are working on a solution to fix the tracks, it looks as if the service will not be restored in time for our egress from… Read More


So Close!

We are so close to having all the kinks worked out of our new website. We are working closely with the web designer to get every things smoothed out.   For now, the best way to contact us is to call: 715-572-6267


NEW – Coppermine River Expedition

For 2018 we are adding a new expedition to the lineup, the Coppermine River in Northern Nunavut Canada.  It’s been on our bucket list the past several year.  The chance to paddle the barrens into the Arctic Ocean, see caribou and muskox and fish for char, grayling and lake trout are too much to pass… Read More


Welcome to our “new” website!

Welcome to the NEW and revised RiverSport Adventures website. After 15 years with the old site we were in desperate need of an upgrade.  We still have refinements and edits to make but we are definitely OPEN and ready to begin the 2018 paddling season.