Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm new to whitewater paddling?

    Not a problem, many of our clients have minimal to no experience. We are very patient. That’s why at RiverSport Adventures our primary focus is on safety and education.

  • What skill level do I need?

    It all depends on where you want to paddle. Mostly you need a willingness to learn and keep an open mind. We have trips that fit all skill levels. Some trips are particularly suited to the beginner or novice, others to the more experienced, most fit somewhere in the middle.

  • I don't have a partner, can I come alone?

    Yes, about half of our clients join our trips on their own. We will pair you with another compatible paddler and on the trip, paddling partners can be changed. Don’t be shy!

  • What size group can I expect?

    Group sizes vary. Typically, 4 – 6 paddlers + 2 guides and/or instructors. Except for special groups [Boy Scouts, corporate, etc.] a maximum size of 16 participants. Minimum would be 1 participant and 1 guide.

  • Can you cater to specific dietary requests and restrictions?

    We’ll do our best to make every effort to try and accommodate different dietary needs and/or restrictions. We are generally able to accommodate standard restrictions such as restricted meat, vegetarian, lactose intolerance, allergies etc. When you book your trip you need to specify your dietary needs, and this is imperative if you have an food allergies. If your diet is more restrictive, celiac, vegan, etc. you will need to discuss your needs with us. We may require that you supplement our meals with some of your own food. It’s all about communication.

  • What is the typical age and gender of your clients?

    It depends on the trip. Most of our clients range in age from 17 to 70 and everything in between,with a roughly equal mix of men and women.

  • What type of people come on your trips?

    The short answer, all walks of life and with all different experience levels. The common connection seems to be an interest in nature, a willingness to try new things and a passion to be outdoors.

  • What if I have specific medical needs?

    All RiverSport Adventures guides/instructors are Wilderness certified. If you have specific allergies [anaphylaxis etc.] to specific foods, or to environmental factors [bees etc.] you must inform us in advance and you must inform the leader when you arrive on the trip. We also require that you bring two sets of medications for yourself in case of emergency. One you keep, one the guide/instructor hold for you. Loosing your only set or having it get wet can potentially be a serious problem.

  • Why should we paddle with RiverSport Adventures?

    There are many reasons to choose RiverSport Adventures. How about our top ten. Read more: Why paddle with us?

  • What trips will Steve Ben & Drew guide in 2018?

    Steve will continue to lead guide and instruct on all 2018 Canadian expeditions and Wisconsin trips. Ben and Drew will rotate on expeditions and training’s. RiverSport Adventures has a policy of two guides/instructors on all expeditions and instruction. All three are experienced, qualified and dedicated to canoe tripping and to participant safety and enjoyment. Read more: About us.

  • Can you run a trip for our group/family?

    Every year we provide custom trips for families and groups of friends. Prices vary depending on group size and trip location. We can provide trips for you on most of the locations we list plus many other rivers not listed.

  • Do you offer Self-Guided Trips & rentals?

    No – Sorry. With our deep roots in education, we feel an experienced guide and instructor is a must for maximum enjoyment and safety.

  • What do I need to bring and what do you provide?

    For most of our trips you provide your personal clothes, sleeping bag and ground pad, we provide everything else. After registering for a trip, a specific gear list will be sent to you. Remember, we will do our best help you prepare.

  • Can I bring my own boat, life jacket, paddle, etc.?

    Of course, if you wish to try out your new boat but need some water to put it, we know just the places. If you don’t have your own boat and gear, that’s okay too.

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