Bois Brule – Wisconsin

The Bois Brule River is arguably among the best canoeing and kayaking rivers in the Midwest. The diverse character of the river features appealing trips for paddlers of all skill levels. From it’s upper reaches, the river offers a calm, serene beauty. The Brule begins to show some character as it roars over a series of challenging ledges and rapids. Gradually the river slows and widens before spilling into Lake Superior.

Bois Brule: Hwy 13 Bridge - Lake Superior - Section 4

Padlers will find a mostly flatwater run with one class 1 rapid and several long stretches of riffles. You will also see some of the most beautiful river scenery in Wisconsin, especially in the last several miles where the river meanders through tall, steeply sloped hills covered in aspen, birch, maple, pine, spruce and balsam fir. Lake Superior provides a great finale.

As with previous sections, this stretch of river is popular amongst anglers, particularly during spring. Wildlife continues to be abundant.

The meandering Bois Brule to Lake Superior is a great day trip for canoe and kayakers wanting to get their “river legs” and experience a bit of class 1 whitewater rush. It’s an awesome sensation rounding the final section of the Brule and entering the vast expanse of Lake Superior. As the Brule winds its way to Lake Superior it offers a variety of scenery and fantastic learning opportunities.

Bois Brule: Pine Tree landing - Hwy 13 Bridge - Section 3

This segment of the Bois Brule features the most difficult whitewater of the river and should provide intermediate canoeists and kayakers with plenty of exciting challenges. Paddlers will find rapids and more rapids for seemingly non-stop fun. The highlights are class 2 Lenroot Ledges and class 2-3 Mays Ledges. Both are fairly long over a series of drops.

You can’t beat the excitement of these continuous rapids. The Bois Brule is a fast-flowing, shallow river with lots of class I & II rapids, and a good practice run for bigger and more technical waters.

This river simply has it all – great beauty, lots of fun rapids and long history. Everybody loves the Brule; when someone says Brule, I picture the flat slides of Lenroot Ledges the three pitches of May Ledges and winding continuous class I & II rapids.


  • Weekends: April – October
  • Weekdays: June – August

Average Group Size:

  • 2-4 paddlers [Max 6]


  • $200/paddler/2 days

*12-18 years old / University Students / Military: $160/paddler
**[$65 surcharge for classes of ONE & private lessons]



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