Wolf River – Wisconsin

The Wolf River is one of the most popular whitewater rivers in Wisconsin. Consistent flow, plenty of whitewater, limited development, gorgeous scenery, clean water, and excellent fishing; all these characteristics combine to make the Wolf River a paddler’s top Wisconsin destination.

Lily - Hollister
Beginner / Intermediate

This segment features several long stretches of class 1 and 2 rapids and boulder gardens ideal conditions for canoe and kayak skill development.

From Lily, the Wolf River meanders through long pitches of easy boulder gardens and a few class 1 rapids. The first challenging whitewater occurs when the river narrows and rushes through Big Slough Gundy Rapids, a rocky class 2 and then funnels into Little Slough Gundy Rapids.   More riffles followed by a series of easy boulder gardens until reaching Hollister.

This is a fun and scenic run for novice whitewater paddlers with enough rapids to keep it interesting.

Hollister - Langlade

This is an excellent stretch for intermediate whitewater paddlers. Though the rapids and boulder gardens aren’t overly challenging, they are long and rocky and will test your maneuvering skills as well as your endurance.

Paddlers will encounter: boulders, rapids, riffles, tiny islands and a few stretches of quiet-water. These are common characteristics of this section.

Nine Mile Rapids, Oxbow Rapids, Cedar Rapids, Hemlock Rapids, Sherry Rapids, and Larzelere Rapids are all long and bumpy rapids that rate a strong class 2+ and require whitewater experience. 

Langlade -Gilmore's Mistake
Intermediate / Advanced

The Wolf River starts to show its teeth as the river runs through several stretches of medium intensity rapids that will thrill experienced and intermediate-level whitewater enthusiasts. The rapids are not especially difficult, but they do present numerous maneuvering challenges through tightly packed obstacles.

The first four miles of this segment feature several long sets of rapids with fun, wavey chutes, and several boulder gardens. Named rapids in this stretch include Crowle Rapids, Horserace Rapids and Twenty Day Rapids, all rate class 2-3.
The most challenging whitewater occurs where a boulder field precedes a long, narrow run named Boy Scout Rapids. The rapids are a strong class 3 and can be very wavy and pushy at times.

Your day on the water finishes with Hanson Rapids and Gilmores Mistake, both famous class 2 rapids.

The Wolf River from Langlade to Gilmore’s Mistake is one of Wisconsin’s premier sections of river.  Once you paddle her waters in the sunshine, played in the rapids, you will never be the same.  The Wolf has won the hearts of every canoeist and kayaker we know.


  • Weekends: April – October
  • Weekdays: June – August


  • $200/paddler

      *160: 13-18 years old with paid adult 
               Military or University Students. 
       **$100 surcharge for classes of ONE &
           private lessons

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